When looking for a live in caregiver in Connecticut there are a number of important things to keep in mind. Not everyone is aware of the complicated laws regulating the home care industry. Is your home care agency providing you with the best possible care while being in compliance with regulatory procedure on both a state and federal level? Are you allowed to hire a caregiver and pay them yourself? What are your tax and insurance liabilities?

Home Care Agency Live in Caregiver

 Live in care involves a caregiver who is referred by an agency. Its important to make sure the home care agency is compliant with all state and federal regulations and also clearly review the service level provided. A qualified home care agency providing live in caregivers should be state licensed. Make sure to request the license number. Any agency providing your family with a live in caregiver should also be bonded and insured. If you do not check your agencies liability insurance, you may be liable for an accident that takes place in the home. After getting compliance questions cleared its important to discuss the plan of care. Will a nurse be following up to ensure safety in the home? Will your agency provide monthly reports on general health of the patient? Will all holidays and caregiver days off be covered by the agency. Understanding these issues can save you from potential problems down the road. You can visit our webpage for more information on live in caregiver from a home care agency

Hiring a live in Caregiver without an agency

 This is a choice for people who want to pay their caregiver themselves. Unfortunately, there are many liabilities you may be responsible for under this scenario. The first thing to keep in mind is that employing your own caregiver means you are not covered by an agencies liability insurance. If your caregiver hurts himself or herself inside the home you are responsible. You homeowner policy may have you protected, so make sure to discuss this with your insurance agent. Another drawback to employing a caregiver yourself is making sure you are compliant with state and federal tax liabilities. Private caregivers are no longer exempt by the IRS from overtime, health insurance, and vacation laws. Make sure to review proper procedures before moving forward. If this is the correct option for your family, be sure to discuss vacation and sick time with your caregiver. Not working with an agency means you need to find your own coverage when your primary caregiver is unavailable. The money you are potentially saving with this scenario may not be worth the trouble. Its always a good idea to reach out to a few agencies in the area and see if anyone can work with your budget.

Using a referral live in care agency

 Many people make the mistake of thinking that a referral agency covers your family from liability and tax issues. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The referral agency will send a recommended caregiver, usually after completing a background check, but you are liable for any incidents inside the home. Likewise, properly complying with the tax code is also the family’s responsibility. A referral agency may be a good choice for families not wanting to interview their own caregiver, but who are willing to be responsible for all future liability and tax issues. Make sure to ask your referral agency if they do a complete background check and drug test before recommending a caregiver for your home.

Live in Caregivers vs assisted living facilities

 Does your loved one want to stay at home? Or is a facility with other seniors a better option? Some people thrive in an assisted living facility environment. If your loved one is highly social, loves interacting with others, and prefers a completely structured day, a quality assisted living facility may be the correct choice. On the other hand if they prefer spending time at home and still want to receive many family and friend visitors, a home care agency is the way to proceed. You may want to check out a few assisted living facilities in the area and understand the level of care. Not hiring a live in caregiver for your home, does not mean your loved one will not require extra assistance inside the facility. Many assistant living facilities work with home care agencies in order to supplement their care. This added expense can often be a tremendous financial burden.


 Before settling on care for your loved one, always get educated about your options. Call a few reputable home care agencies in the area and speak with them about the quality of their caregivers and plans of care. If your are thinking of being the employer for your live in caregiver, make sure you are aware of all insurance and tax issues. When speaking to a referral agency make sure they are sending you screened and pre-qualified caregivers. Never make a haste decision without understanding all your options and the different laws governing them. If you have decided a live in caregiver is the best choice for your family, using a reputable home care agency is likely the best choice.

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