Seniors and Social Interaction CT

Seniors and Social Interaction CT

We have all been driven crazy by our friends and loved ones. Sometimes, it happens more often than we’d like. A good book can be far more entertaining than a set of people at a dull dinner party. It’s usually more informative as well. While we each have distinct personalities and ways in which we like to spend our time, being engaged socially has been proven to be beneficial for our life span and health. Alternatively, isolation has been associated with depression, high blood pressure, and greater risk of cognitive decline. The latest study from the University of Michigan showed that just ten minutes of daily interaction improves cognitive performance and is paramount to healthy aging.

Resisting the urge to isolate yourself with a quality book, TV show, or crossword puzzle can be difficult for some. Too often seniors feel the burden of a loved one lost, painful physical conditions, loss of hearing or eyesight, and financial hardships. For some, a general malaise and proclivity towards depression creates fear of a faster paced environment that comes with social gatherings and events. Often, starting out is the hardest part. Here are some ideas right here in Connecticut, which engage seniors and can create a happier, healthier lifestyle:

The JCC of Greater New Haven:
The JCC offers a “Silver Sneakers” program for individuals 65 and over. Are you worried about your physical fitness level? Don’t be! This low impact program encourages participation and interaction. Activities include water programs in the pool, chair aerobics, art and photography classes, book clubs, and more. Check out the website for more information and sign up.

Hand on Hartford:
This is a program designed to provide meals for families in need. They also focus on community, neighbors, and seniors. They offer a senior Community Café program, which brings in seniors for socialization, healthy eating, and recreational activities. Offer help in within your community, or just enjoy good food and conversation.

The Cheshire Senior Center: 240 Maple Ave, Cheshire, CT 06410 (203) 272-8286
Open Monday – Friday, the center offers opportunities for senior recreation, education, volunteering, and socializing. This is a wonderful place for seniors to engage with the community.

There are many other senior centers, culture arts programs, volunteer opportunities, and travel groups all over Connecticut. If you would like to obtain more information, please feel free to give us a call. We would love to help! (203) 677-0707

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